The SBRC Demo Session is a forum for developers and researchers interested in architecture, implementation and practical assessment systems and tools that contribute to knowledge advancement in distributed system and computers network area. With a more practical purpose in Demo Session, there is an emphasis on demonstrating systems and tools, the experience of its development, deployment and use issues, and also the perspectives created by them.

The event will be held in part of the activities of 35th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC 2017) in Belém-Pará.

Topics of Interest

All papers that present systems and tools that can contribute to knowledge advancement in distributed systema and computers network area are of interest to the SBRC Demo Session. In general, the topics of interest are initially the same as the main track SBRC.

Proposals Submissions

Tools must be presented in a paper to be submitted electronically only through the JEMS ( system. Papers can be written in Portuguese or English and submitted only in PDF format. Each item is limited to 8 pages including abstract (and an english abstract, for papers in Portuguese), figures, diagrams, references and appendices. Papers should be formatted following SBC papers templates.

The paper should contain the following information:

  1. Description and motivation of the problem addressed by the tool;
  2. Solution architecture and description of the main features;
  3. URL where the tool is available (the source with this license must present this URL, not just the binary);
  4. URL manuals and documentation tool;
  5. Description of the demonstration planned for SBRC informing equipment necessary to do so.

This information, as well as the actual existence of specified URLs, are indispensable for the evaluation of the work.

In 2016, the authors could indicate in the article a URL with a video explaining the installation and the functionalities of the tool. The video’s aim is to assist reviewers and readers who for any reason have difficulty in installation. We realized that the idea of the video was well accepted by both reviewers and authors. Therefore, in 2017, even if still optional, we strongly recommend that all authors make available a video of the tool. We recommend using a free website to upload videos to youtube or vimeo.

Tool Requirements

The Demo Session focuses on experimental data and systems / functional tools available for use. Although work is accepted in progress, it should be possible for them to be demonstrated and be available in a URL along with their documentation, at paper submission.

All accepted tools should be demonstrated in stands and also presented in the conventional format of techniques SBRC sessions.

Important Dates

Registration abstracts March 26, 2017
Paper submission: April 10, 2017
Results of communication: April 26, 2017
Sending the final version of accepted papers: April 30, 2017


The evaluation process will take into account the quality, relevance and innovation of the practical results, its documentation, the submitted paper and the statement proposed to the SBRC 2017 Demo Session.

Among accepted tools, the best will be selected by a specific committee.

Demo Session Chair

Fábio Verdi (UFSCar)

E-mail: verdi [at]

Program Committee

Alfredo Goldman (IME – USP)
André Drummond (UnB)
Antonio Rocha (IC/UFF)
Antonio Marcos Alberti (INATEL)
Bruno Schulze (LNCC)
Carlos Kamienski (UFABC)
Cesar Marcondes (UFSCar)
Cintia Margi (USP)
Daniel Batista (IME – USP)
Daniel Cordeiro (USP)
Divanilson Campelo (UFPE)
Eduardo Cerqueira (UFPA)
Fabio Verdi (UFSCar)
Flavio Silva (UFU)
Gustavo Figueiredo (UFBA)
Hélio Guardia (UFSCar)
Hermes Senger (UFSCar)

Iguatemi E. Fonseca (UFPB)
Kalinka Castelo Branco (ICMC – USP)
Leandro Villas (UNICAMP)
Leobino Sampaio (UFBA)
Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville (UFRGS)
Luciano de Paula (IFSP)
Luiz Theodoro (Algar Telecom)
Luiz Fernando Bittencourt (UNICAMP)
Nelson Rosa (UFPE)
Olga Goussevskaia (UFMG)
Pedro Frosi-Rosa (UFU)
Rafael Pasquini (UFU)
Raphael Camargo (UFABC)
Rodolfo Villaca (UFES)
Ronaldo Ferreira (UFMS)
Tarcisio Rocha (UFS)
Yeda Regina Venturini (UFSCar)






Institutional Support


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Gold Sponsor

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