Most investment in telecommunications networks, both globally and in Brazil, is aimed at users in regions of high population density and high purchasing power. Inhabitants of isolated and sparsely populated areas, such as can be found in most of the Amazon region of South America, encounter various difficulties in gaining access to telephone and Internet services, which act as barriers to global connectivity. As well as counting on political resolve, it is also necessary to take into account socio-economic aspects and to develop specific ICT technologies for such areas. This workshop seeks to discuss these questions in their multiple dimensions.

Topics of Interest

Non-exhaustive list of themes of interest:

  • Alternative networks for digital inclusion
  • Community networks and “do-it-yourself (DIY) networking” using free software
  • Low-cost systems for telecommunications networks
  • Future Internet for development (ICN, cloud computing, NFV, SDN, DTN)
  • Appropriate management and operations techniques for community networks
  • Software-defined radio (SDR), cognitive radio and TV “white space” (TVWS)
  • 5G in ICT for development (C-RAN, X-haul, etc.)
  • Technical and economic aspects in ICT for development
  • Policies, Regulatory aspects, taxation and approval of equipment for social goals
  • Use of long-distance subfluvial cables
  • Long-distance WiFi, cellular technologies, mesh networks
  • Low (LEO) and medium (MEO) orbit satellites
  • Stratospheric balloons and drones for digital inclusion
  • Proofs of concept, testbeds, partnership with government, experimental projects / pilots

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: March 31, 2017 April 10, 2017

Acceptance Notification: April 19, 2017

Final Version: April 26, 2017

Workshop Date: May 19, 2017

Guidelines for the Authors

Paper submission will be done exclusively using the JEMS system (https://submissoes.sbc.org.br/home.cgi?c=2742). The papers can be written in Portuguese or English, according to the SBC template (Link) adopted for the SBRC main track, but with a maximum of six (6) pages. Papers submitted to WTICp/D will be peer-reviewed, with accepted papers to be presented and published in the workshop proceedings. At least one of the authors should register for the SBRC and WTICp/D, and present the paper at the workshop.

WTICp/D Coordinators

Aldebaro Klautau (UFPA)

Michael Stanton (RNP)


E-mail: wticpd.sbrc@gmail.com

Program Committee

Agostinho Linhares (Anatel, Brazil)
Agostinho Luiz da Silva Castro (UFPA, Brazil)
Arjuna Sathiaseelan (Univ. of Cambridge, UK)
Aurenice Oliveira (Michigan Tech. U – MTU, USA)
Cecília Castro César (Technological Institute of Aeronautics – ITA, Brazil)
Diego Gomes (UNIFESSPA, Brazil)
Eduardo Grizendi (RNP, Brazil)
Jasmine Araújo (UFPA, Brazil)
Kurtis Heimerl (Univ. of Washington, EUA)

Mauro Margalho (University of Amazonia – UNAMA, Brazil)
Michael Stanton (RNP, Brazil)
Neiva Fonseca (Ericsson Research, Sweden)
Polyana Bristot (TIM, Brazil)
Peter Knight (Instituto Fernand Braudel de Economia Mundial)
Rodrigo Cavalcanti (Federal U of Ceará – UFC, Brazil)
Rosinei Oliveira (Federal U of West Pará – UFOPA, Brazil)
Ugo Dias (U of Brasília – UnB, Brazil)






Institutional Support


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