Estação das Docas. Source: Agência Pará

Ver-o-Peso Marketplace. Source: Agência Pará

The forest embraces Belém do Pará, which invites you to stroll through the green tunnels that make Belem the City of Mangueiras (Mango tree). Come and see samples of 18th century architecture mixed with the 17th century Jesuit baroque. Belem is a capital rich in colors, smells and tastes, that can be perceived in every corner; In gastronomy, in falling mangoes, in folklore, in regional fruit ice creams. The city was founded on January 12, 1616, when it was built the Fort of the Crib, one of the places you can not miss.

The gastronomy of Pará is considered one of the best in the world, it is closely linked to the indigenous culture, always innovative without being detached from the traditions. Its ingredients are exotic and marked by the diversity of nuclei, aromas and flavors. Among the typical dishes, one can emphasize the tacacá, a maniçoba, the duck in the tucupi, besides the fruits, among which açaí, bacuri and cupuaçu. Such cuisine, which has gone from being a simple food practice to a lifestyle, has been developing and perfecting a growing number of contemporary international cooking techniques.

The SBRC 2017 will take place at Hotel Princesa Louçã, where its location is very good for enjoying Belém.

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