Experimental Wireless Networking Research using Software-Defined Radios

Autores: Adriele Dutra Souza (UFV), Ariel F. F. Marques (UFLA), Daniel F. Macedo (UFMG), Diarmuid Collins (Trinity College Dublin), Gilson Miranda Júnior (UFLA), Jefferson R. S. Cordeiro (UFMG), Johann M. Marquez-Barja (Trinity College Dublin), José Augusto M. Nacif (UFV), Kristtopher Kayo Coelho (UFV), Luccas R. M. Pinto (UFLA), Luiz A. da Silva (Trinity College Dublin), Luiz F. M. Vieira (UFMG), Luiz H. A. Correia (UFLA), Marcos A. M. Vieira (UFMG), Pedro Alvarez (Trinity College Dublin) e Wendley S. Silva (UFMG).

Apresentadores: a definir.

Horário: 19/05/2017 (sexta-feira) – 8:00 às 12:00.

Resumo: Thanks to the popularization of software-defined radios (SDR), it is possible today to perform high quality research in wireless protocols in real deployments. Although this technology is still a bit expensive, there are a number of initiatives that provide free access to SDR for research. Further, the amount of free software available for SDR has reduced the amount of effort required to produce papers using SDR. This short course will show by examples how to perform experimental research in wireless networking using software-defined radios that are available for free on an open testbeds being developed on FUTEBOL, a joint Brazil-European Union project. We will adopt a hands-on approach, in which the students will perform many small assignments in real hardware. Those assignments will demonstrate the maturity of SDR for research in wireless networking, and introduce the user to the many software tools and open source implementations of a variety of wireless standards.




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